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May I introduce you to Jesus?

This is a post that I made recently on another Blog.  Lets Start here:

In the distant and recent past I have had long discussions with born again types whoes entire dialogue was centered around my ’search for God.’ They seemed to feel that my entire life was a quest laid out and guided by some all-mighty invisible puppeteer. I remember one such recent conversation ending with some provactive comment that ‘I am going to be her next project.’

What is your response to this line of reasoning?  How can you argue sanity when they are arguing ghost and spirits?

  1. August 12, 2009 at 10:36 am

    If someone has a goal for my life which I don’t agree with and that is their sole reason for relating to me, we will not stay friends. They can go ahead and squint themselves into premature wrinkles hoping their puppeteer grabs my strings, but we won’t be meeting for beers or kayak trips.

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