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Quick Bio…

I  am an Atheist, I also consider myself a weak Buddhist.  I recognize and fully accept that I live in, was raised in and will likely die in a Society, State, Town that is heavily influenced and likewise accepting of Christians, both as a peoples and as a intelligent guiding entity.  

In My Beginning:

My childhood years were family oriented, nurturing and generally pleasant.  I was the son of a scientist Father and a stay at home Mother.   Identifying with my father, as I did, I tended to gravitate toward the study science, particularly of human behavior, sociology, anthropology and later medicine.  

Both of my Parents were brought up  in very religious families in rural Pennsylvania.   My grandparents, Aunts, Uncles all Christian.  My Grandmother still goes to sleep at night while reading the Bible, she can’t remember how many time she has read it cover to cover.

My parents NEVER forced me to go to church.  When i was an early teenager my Mother was a Sunday school teacher and occasionally I would join her to help with class.  I then joined a Youth Group that met on Sunday’s prior to church services.  The class was taught by a young husband and wife duo.  They were sweet and hip.  After about 4-5 weeks I felt I was over-staying my welcome.  Turns out that I was not expected to ask a lot of questions, at least not the ones I wanted answered.  I took a few books on geology and paleontology to class one morning and suddenly my classmates would not really talk with me.  I remember one girl was very inflamed and angered by my approach and actually left class.  I didn’t go back. 

The ‘Me’ Now:

I am a thirty something, male, in a wonderful marriage, with wonderful children.   I have lived in several places and studied in many more.  My travels have taken me to some wonderful places and allowed me to interact with a sundry of cultures and individuals. 

Currently I work in medicine in a small rural clinic in West Virginia.   I work with a largely Christian patient population, my wife and in-laws are Christian.   As such, I will only post under a pseudonym.   If I were open about my name and address I would likely suffer some reprisal.   Its been my experience that people can become very spiteful and outwardly defensive about religion.

  1. August 12, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    What makes you a weak Buddhist? Could you be specific. I am a lazy Buddhist in that I meditate but only sporadically, I read buddhist stuff and agree largely with Buddhist Abhidharma (Buddhist Psychology), but I don’t buy into rebirth and rebirth-karma or many other folky-notions in Buddhism. How about you?

  2. August 12, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    Just saying “hi,” Sabio headed me over here, looks like we have some things in common. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, where my father is a country doctor, family practice. My childhood years sound similar to yours, though without the Christian family. My wife is a Christian, I was but no longer am. Good luck with your blogging, I’ll follow along. Have fun!

  3. Anoat Ozzel
    August 12, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Hey Sabio,

    If you are a Lazy Buddhist, then for arguments sake, lets say that I am a Very Weak Buddhist. I agree with Right Mind, Right Action and I still find the idea of enlightenment through practice of morals, personal restraint and reflective-self desirable. I do not meditate, other than occasionally focusing on my breath when I feel my mind is a-buzz with too much background noise. I have not done a ton of reading on the Buddhist traditions, origins and nuance, but have done enough that I feel I can relate to the basis of the Philosophy. I also have never been to a Buddhist country, temple or really spoken at length with any Non-American casual or ‘Lazy’ Buddhists.

    Similarly I feel a certain amount of fondness for Taoist traditions and at one faze of my life fancied myself as a follower of Lao Tzu. I carried a tiny book of a condensed Tao Te Ching, I read Tao of Pooh numerous times and tried, albeit poorly to simplify and honor nature as nature and loose some of the pretense of modern commercialism and pop culture.

    I DO NOT believe in Buddha the God-man, I may believe on some level that Tao exists, but just by attempting to define Tao we immediately negate what Tao is. I also think reincarnation is just another culture’s way of providing a standard of living to its members. Very few people want to come back as a worm, snail or worse. Of course reincarnation has many derivations, but ultimately it serves the exact purpose as Heaven and Hell does in Islam and with Christ followers.

    At the risk of rambling I will stop.

    Peace Brother,


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