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As I was driving home from my local grocer, I was listening to Tool (A staple in my music catalogue).  The album was one of their live ‘bootleg’ imports.  At the beginning of the 1st track there was booming voice saying ‘Think for yourself, Think for yourself, Think for yourself…’  As I was intently listening to Danny Carrey’s opening triplet patterns, the following quote dawned on me. 

I do not hate religion, however I hold the highest contempt for mankind, who ultimately created God.-Me


  1. August 15, 2009 at 9:05 pm

    If “God” was only a creation to still fear (storms, earthquakes), to comfort sorrow (death), and to nurture hope (recovering from illness) when there was no other knowledge, then I can truly understand the “mankind” who created that God. But the guys who then grabbed that abstraction to control people, torture people and gain power, well then, yeah, “contempt” floats right up in my mind.

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