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Salvation Delivered

The growing crisis at the United States Postal Service has drawn a lot of press recently.  The speculations for the decline in usage have ranged from ‘the internet is killing the post office’ to ‘people don’t buy things and ship things during bear markets.’  I think the answer is slightly simpler.  I think that what ails the USPS is a lack of foresight and an unfortunate adherence to outmoded business models.  Sadly and what I feel may be fatally, the USPS has decided to close many suffering satellite offices and cut Saturday deliveries.

As I was driving home from my 8 hour Sunday clinic I figured out how to save the ailing USPS, and or how to make an already giant cooperation like UPS or Fedex even richer…It is a simple proposition really:  Deliver stuff on Sundays.   Why don’t we get mail and packages on Sunday.  Again, a simple answer, it is the Christian Sabbath, the day of rest, the day to honor their Lord.  Seriously, I do not remember last time I consistently had Sundays off.   Don’t get me wrong I am fine with holidays like Christmas, New Years, Thanks Giving, Arbor Day, but Sundays?

I am not naive to the complexities of an overall such as this, but it seems that in desperate times they should consider sensible solutions…

  1. August 17, 2009 at 1:54 am

    Maybe the best way to fight it is for atheist to declare Wednesday a holy day. Then with Jews and Adventists wanting Saturdays, Xians wanting Sundays and us wanting Wednesdays, everyone will realize how bizarre holy days are !

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