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Quiet Perseverance

One of the things that always ticks me off about hard-core Christians is their in-your-face attitude.  There is always a sense of indignation in my gut when they have that sympathetic look on their face that seems to say “if you only knew how great my club is you, would surely want to join.” 

I think one of the things that we as Atheist have to do, is make sure that we do NOT mirror this smart-assed, paternal attitude.  I agree that everyone will have his or her own approach to speaking with others about Atheism, but my preference is Quiet Perseverance.  I feel that if I get too excited or if I get too zealous then I am no better than my opposition.  Further, I feel that if someone is true believer they will likely have an equally as negative visceral reaction to my comments as I would to theirs.  So, be cautious in your approach.  Sometimes, simply listening and gathering data is more valuable and important than unloading huge Anti-God arguments.

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