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An Orrery
An Orrery

ORRERY:  Invented by Pierre-Simon de Laplace.  He was able to show the working mechanism, by which large gravitational bodies revolved around the SUN.   His orrery demonstrated this from an outsider’s or observer’s perspective.  He was queried by Napoleon Bonaparte why God was not present anywhere in his model to which Laplace replied (I’m sure with much Franco-indignity and snootiness) ‘Je n’ai pas besoin de cette Hypothese.’

I envision this simple web-blog should be fashioned around this central theme of seeing things from the outside, as they truly are, not necessarily how they feel or sound.  Abstaining from automatic assignment of Right/Wrong, Good/Bad we should eschew some of the tripe that surrounds much casual religious/moral/philosophical and political debate.
So here is my Website Policy for Comments:

Your Mood

  1. Be civil.  It is OK to attack ideas but do not attack people.
    Just because a person has some bad ideas does not mean all their ideas are bad or that all their actions are bad.
    Remember, trust me,  you have your own faults and weaknesses.  Stick to the arguments .  Be courteous and avoid personal insults.
  2. No Ad Hominum arguments.
  3. No vulgarity.  Be creative in your writing, you don’t need vulgarity to convey emotions.

Your Style

  1. Be coherent.  Write so readers can understand your point.  Write clearly.
  2. Avoid emotion rhetorical manipulation.
  3. Try to avoid logical fallacies.
  4. Do not feed the trolls. They thrive on argument and will keep returning as long as they find folks willing to debate them.
  5. Comments must be in English.

Your Content

  1. Stay on topic (i.e., the posted topic).
  2. Try to contribute new information to the discussion when possible.
  3. Take a stance — say clearly what you believe and why.
    Believe what you write or make your sarcasm clear.
    Don’t be sarcastic/cute in your reply without making your sarcasm clear and make it clear what you believe and how it relates to the post.
  4. Don’t just make a comment for comment sake.
  5. Don’t just comment to advertise your site or any products (books, other sites, items).
  6. Know when to comment vs. when to e-mail the author.
    Use e-mail when what you want to say doesn’t contribute to the public conversation.
  7. Own your comment.  If your e-mail or web address are incorrect, your comment will be deleted.
  8. Remember that brief comments are more likely to be read.

Your Religious Expression

  1. Remember, readers at this site are are generally theologically savvy.  Try to avoid hackneyed religious expressions.
  2. Feel free to quote the Bible or other religious texts to share information.
    But please avoid quoting the Bible or other religious texts as a source of authority — remember, we don’t accept them as authoritative !
  3. Absolutely no religious proselytizing will be permitted here.

Your Freedom

  • I strongly value different opinions and deeply appreciate those who contribute to this site.
  • As you may have read on my site, I also strongly value and support freedom.   Two great freedoms are the freedom to private property, and freedom from coercion (violence).
    I also strongly support your freedom of expression.
  • Yet this is my site, and I desire some limits on content, style and mood as listed above.  If you want to come play on my site, please obey the rules, or like any other private club, I will ask you to leave.  Your freedom of expression can be exercised on your own site if you don’t like my club’s rules.  Thank you kindly.
Much thanks to Sabio for web/blog advice and letting me outright pilfer his rule book.  As always, check Sabio out at
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